Wheres My Banana?

28th February 2019

Wheres My Banana?

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what does a banana a day do? Well, if Meghan Markle has personally signed one, it might boost your mood and offer a message of hope. I am of course referring to the story recently reporting that during a visit to a charity supporting Sex Workers in Bristol, Meghan Markle had signed some bananas with messages of hope and positivity.

Now, I am not normally one for commenting on anything political. Naturally, I am far too occupied with a delicious dinner date, or making myself very wet. But I feel very strongly on this topic, not least because I didn't get a banana! Only kidding. I don't need a banana, but the women Meghan wrote to do.

As an escort, I am empowered. I have chosen this work, the life of sin and debauchery that accompanies it. I consider myself very fortunate to be in this position. I can confidently say being an escort is my part of my purpose in life. Not all Sex Workers are so fortunate, many are forced into it against their will. For some, it is the only way of earning a living. Working and in some cases living on the street, they have no power and little support. Meghan's positive messages will give hope to those women who are mentally and physically in a bad place, and whose lives are stigmatised and ignored by the majority of society.

Empowerment is really important, and liberating. It allows us to make conscious decisions about our life, and consider why we do what we do. We should think about re-educating and empowering the women Meghan wrote to, allowing them to take up a profession that can become part of their purpose in life. They after-all have options, even though it seems like they don't.

I would like to take my hat off to Meghan and the Royal Family for taking the time to offer their support. They have done more for Sex Workers than I ever have. I feel ashamed of myself.

Now that's off my nipples, I’ve given myself a craving for bananas on toast. Rule Britannia!