Oral sex is underrated

28th August 2020

Oral sex is underrated

Many of my clientele would say that I am a Queen when it comes to oral sex, both giving and receiving. Many a review has been left complementing my technique, leaving my boudoir with a happy smile. Seriously, what is there not to love about this wonderful aspect of foreplay? I love it when I am giving oral and I can see the cock being stimulated, growing bigger and bigger until its almost ready to burst. Then I realise, that was all down to me.

A blowjob, when performed correctly, should be a mind-blowing experience, completely and utterly out of this world. Oral sex, when done right, can feel wayyyy better than intercourse. Whilst penetrative sex is up close and personnel, licking and sucking various genitalia can be twice as intimate, and all the associated sound effects that accompany the act seek to further enhance the experience. Sometimes its like Beethoven’s 9th symphony in E major! The result is a wonderfully deep connection that acts as an appetiser for things to come.

Oral sex can be really relaxing, and requires minimal, if any concentration for the receiver. You can let your mind roam freely and just enjoy the moment. Its soothing qualities make it great for de-stressing after a busy day at work. There is no multitasking either, as a receiver you are merely doing…well..nothing! Good news for all my gentleman lovers out there who struggle with multitasking!

Please note that due to the risks,  I only perform oral with protection, which allows both of us enjoy the experience without any worry. Health comes first.