You all wank about me

8th May 2013

You all wank about me

It is really strange sometimes.

I lie here in my boudoir... in the ten minute countdown before my guest arrives for an hour of fun...
And I am thinking of all the sumptuous delicious men that I have had the pleasure of sampling...
who I will know I will see again (as they always come back for more - occasionally crawl back)
...and I am thinking...

I wonder how many of them are wanking about me right now.

I wonder how many are in their offices reading this on their phones, getting hard under the desk.

I wonder how many are in a meeting/on a flight/at their own wedding* thinking about our frolicks and longing to see me again.

*(fact! one gent told me he was walking down the aisle and I popped in his head! argh! So sorry! I can't help what Freud tried to explain to the world)

And then I winder what happened to some of my gents..... like my Japanese Mr K. Where are you you delicious creature? I haven't forgotten your tongue.

Seriously...he should write a how to manual on licking fanny. 
Charlotte already has a copy :-P