Latex Hood Hogmanay - Part Four

30th January 2017

Latex Hood Hogmanay - Part Four

I siddle up to Thomas, and lay down on the bed next to him very close.
He can feel my breasts pushing into his body, and he groans slightly. I
stroke his chest gently, and open the mouth layer of latex that was
tightly poppered over his mouth. He inhales deeply,
as his only source of air has thus far been two small holes under the
nose cavity of the hood. When he's had his fill of air I lean over him
and kiss him deeply on the lips. As out tongues meet he begins shaking
with excitement, or as much as the handcuffs
will allow.

I withdraw and immediately replace the mouth cover, poppering it tightly
shut. He whimpers & groans inaudibly beneath. I turn to the bedside
table and open the bottle of poppers, then place the open bottle back
on the table.

"And now for yet another really fun part", I think.

Lying back next to him, my left hand strokes his chest while the right
hand squeezes his latex clad nostrils tight shut. So now he can no
longer breathe through either his mouth or his nose.

He struggles at first, so I whisper in his ear some twisted reassurances
: "Don't worry darling, you're safe here with me." And "This is all for
your own good, you'll see...".

And with that he soon realises the pointlessness of struggling. I really
want to push him to his limits today, and this is only the beginning. I
watch the seconds hand of the clock move round. From 7 to 15...from 15
to 23...and beyond. I watch every move &
gesture of my willing victim. Now it's 30 seconds....36 seconds. He's
beginning to struggle again now, fighting for breath. 39 seconds
and....I remove my hand.

He immediately inhales deep lungfuls of air. I place the bottle of
poppers under his nose then remove it (too much amyl in this breathless
state could cause a coronary!). As his breath begins to normalise, I
hold the amyl under his nose for longer periods.
I begin to hear muffled laughing under the hood.

"Oh. My. God! Ma heed feels like hot jelly, ye ken?! Hahahaha woooty chooot!"

Good, he's enjoying himself. That's what I like to see.

I put the amyl down on the table, and again squeeze his rubbery nose
shut tight. He doesn't struggle this time, just quietly lies there in
drug addled subspace.

"Good boy!" I kiss him gently on his forehead, and resume clock &
cockwatching. The latter still looks about to burst. The clock goes from
26 seconds to 3 seconds into the next minute before I finally remove my
vice like grip on his nose.

This time he inhales slowly, and I treat him to a little more amyl. As he's clearly enjoying it!

My attention is increasingly being drawn to the middle section of his body. So
after ripping off the mouth and eye 
covers on the hood, I
turn around to face his feet. I then straddle him, and slowly
lower my wet pussy onto his willing mouth.

This does not elicit a calming effect, and soon he's thrashing around
beneath me in a tongue tied frenzy of semi-thwarted lusty abandon.