Tie and tease with Mr Feeldoe

5th April 2014

Tie and tease with Mr Feeldoe

Mr Feel doe


Tall, long and lean Mr.
Feeldoe...what lovely long limbs you have stretched across the bed.  They would look beautiful tied up in
japanese rope bondage, hands above your head so you can look, but not

I tied to my bed just where you
belong, strapped so you can’t move. 
I am in control.  I want you
surrendering completely to me.

It turns me on to know that you’re
submitting to me.  Allowing me to
take you..slowly taking you into my wet pussy, making you beg for me to go
faster.  I just smile at you and go
even slower.  I am going to play
with you like my personal sex toy and I know that you love it as much as I
do.  I will use you so that I can
come.  Your body is for my

I am using you like my sex
slave..  I am in control of what
you feel.  Moving fast and bringing
you close but it’s not time for you to come yet, slowing down again making you
moan in frustration. 

I want to constrict your movement and
control your orgasm. You will only come when I permit you to.  Not yet.  I want you to beg. 
I want you to be so close that you are begging me to please let you
come.  But I am the one in charge
and perhaps I won’t let you come at all. 
Now wouldn’t that be naughty of me.  

You will be panting, and
sweating…frustrated beyond belief. 
You are begging me to please let you explode…not quite yet.  I’m in charge and I get to come first.  Oh god it feels so good and I pick up
the past…moving faster and faster, finally letting you have your release.


Until next time Mr. Feeldoe…I’ll keep
those ropes ready.