Mr Love asks me about my American Lover

19th June 2013

Mr Love asks me about my American Lover

Mr Love asks me about my American Lover

Yes I do have a partner and yes he does know what I do.
And sometimes he asks me how my day (or night) was.
And sometimes I tell him.  I never give out names of course.

Most of the time my gentlemen don't give me their real name anyway.
Which is fine.  I don't need a real name from my guests.  
I just need to know that you're sane, sexually responsible, solvent and will turn up.  

Anonymity is so rare these days.
I want to be able to provide that ...
A place where you can come and do what you want for a while in complete privacy.
Nobody needs to know - its just our little secret. 
And I'm not being theatrical about it...
like, seriously...where can you go to get some peace these days?
A little studio in Chelsea - small, but to me its a sanctuary..a happy place where many a man now has benefited from releasing his innermost desires.
A discreet place where you can switch off, relax, open up...
Feel liberated....gain clarity.... connect with yourself and with me...
Sometimes it is our soul that has a hole that needs filled. 
And not our Vagina's.


And that is how I felt with my absolutely gorgeous American mojito drinking man.
He wanted an overnight.  But I don't do overnights with men I haven't met before.
You see...actually sleeping in the same bed as someone new is more intimate than sex. 
I trust my regulars and feel comfortable over nighting with them. 
We have an established chemistry.  So an overnight in that case is building on an existing relationship.

So anyway...My american understood that...
So we went for a cheeky 2 hr instead.  I was on Cloud 9.



Mr Love:  *big kiss* How was your day gorgeous?

Me: Wonderful!  I met this beautiful american man for a couple of hours.  How was your day?

Mr Love:  Hang on, you're beaming!  Nevermind my day, who was this american man?

Me:  Well its not "who" precisely that is relevant... its how he felt. I loved his energy, his vibe, he was
beautiful beyond his physical attractiveness.

Mr Love:  Darling...I thought you had meaningless sex with educated gentlemen for money to go towards your shoe fetish.  This sounds very deep.

Me:  Well it WAS deep.  Well for me anyway!  Maybe I was merely a sperm vessel to him but I really liked him.  We were very intense together, powerful and intimate.

Mr Love:  You sound like you fancy him.

Me:  I would be lying if I said I didn't.

Mr Love:  You fancy him?!

Me:  Well you did ask!  

Mr Love: How is that supposed to make me feel?

Me:  Well what can I say... I enjoy what I do, would you rather I didn't?  And yes sometimes I genuinely fancy them and actually it makes it much harder for me to perform as a "reviewed escort"... cos I drop my guard down...get real...get all shy and coy and giggly.

Mr Love:  *drinking wine*  You're a nutter.

Me:  Its true!  If I don't necessarily personally fancy them ...I turn out to be the best shag in SW3.  But if I fancy them I fall over cushions...spill drinks..get all flustered hot and bothered.

Mr Love:  What can I say, you're a funny woman.  Even they can't win with you. Love you cutie.

Me:  I love you too.

....followed by kissing...missionary sex...he groped my bum from underneath..poked my bum...I came intensely...