Small dick Humiliation

14th May 2013

Small dick Humiliation

Some gentlemen want a straight up girlfriend experience. 
Kissing, owo, full sex, massage etc.

And some men are "niche" in their escort needs.

I am continually fascinated by the variety of requests that I get.
I aim to be a sexual chameleon and strive to add different "niches" to my expertise. 
Why?  Because I am fueled with a curiosity about the sexual mind.. my curiosity is so intense - it consumes me.

An example of a niche is Small cock humilation.
One of my guests brought this site to my attention:-

I am planning to research this further, as its just intriguing.
If this is something of interest to you...I am not an expert... I have done it maybe 15 times in my life.
But I am a willing student escort.