Some FAQs

28th August 2021

Some FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions...

Q. Why do you choose to not show your face?
A. I have to be discreet to protect myself and to protect my clients when I am out in public. When we meet, you will of course see my whole face - which is both reassuring and gorgeous.

Q. I would like to see you in a particular outfit.
A. I will always try to accommodate requests and let you know if I do not have that item.

Q. I have sent you 30 sexy texts but you don't reply in the same manner.
A. I might be thinking of filth but I have learnt to be discreet and formal in texts in case they are ever accidentally read by a third party.

Q. There is a particular lady I want you to duo with. Can this be arranged?
A. Sure! Let me know who it is and I'll let you know if she's someone I fancy.

Is there anything that you would like to know that isn't covered above? Call me and ask! I don't bite..