So you want to be an escort?

14th September 2021

So you want to be an escort?

Hello you gorgeous lady!


You are not a companion but you are as curious as anything and want to dip your toe in this wicked world.


You are a companion but you know you can achieve more/want to understand the London scene but don’t know where to begin.

Something tells me you are greedy for a little adventure too...

Well I am happy to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to maximise your potential.
After our session you will literally have everything you need.

My mentoring fees are the same as what I charge my clients for my time.
The value you get is, frankly, ridiculous.

I have helped many ladies over the years get their lifestyle up and running
quicker than you could put on a latex catsuit.

But I now only want to work with serious, committed and determined individuals.
And you must abide by...

RULE NUMBER 1 - Do not focus on “making loads of money”. Focus on the gentleman's needs first and foremost.

You also need to be prepared to UP YOUR GAME.
The process of becoming the best companion you can be
follows a similar path as becoming the best person you can be.

RULE NUMBER 2 - Be prepared to grow as a person.

My clear and invaluable advice will open your eyes to the possibilities that are available to you.
I will help you make the most of what you bring to a booking.
Looks, bedroom skills, conversation, wardrobe, etiquette, style, flair, charisma, self care, emotional strength, relaxation techniques. My 'dear friends' say I am truly uniquely special and all I will say is… being fabulous...its all learnable. And I want you to learn how to be outstanding.


This is just non-negotiable. Managing your safety is key. I can help you screen out time wasters, detect unsafe patrons and I share more details on this when we have our session - as well as legals, accounting, investing in your future, sexual health etc

There are many other, you MUST have fun, don't waste your money on depreciating assets, don't get sucked into the politics, do get a personal trainer...
but let's not overwhelm you at this stage.

Of course everyone wants to know where to advertise, advert wording, photos, location, getting an apartment, working for agencies/working independent, getting a website, setting your boundaries…busy periods, quiet periods...all the practicals which I will teach you of course. But I’ll also teach you how to retain the gentlemen you have and build an awesome select group of friends that you love to spend time with and who cherish you like the apple of their eye.
A lifestyle you can be proud.

London is full of wonderful gentlemen looking for the very best. They deserve that quality and they pay handsomely for it. It is my intention to cultivate a new breed of companion who can provide breathtaking companionship and satiate the the male species in multiple ways.

Whether you choose to employ my advisory service or not, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you the very best!

Making your ambitions real,
Christine Love