A gay man booked me

5th July 2021

A gay man booked me

Over the years I have noticed that my time and company is sought after for so much more than coitus.

In fact, upon close examination, close to half of my friends book me exclusively to satisfy needs beyond the physical. Which is extraordinary… how could they resist me for starters? LOL

They always had the option to go ‘the whole hog’ of course!

And I always prepare my stockings and suspenders (and occasionally secretly hoped) for the surprise sexy interlude…but no.

So I thought I would mention this phenomenon for those of you feel too guilty going “all in” (pun semi intended)

or feel its too risky

or simply don’t want to play pass the panties for whatever reason religious or otherwise

maybe you prefer the tease… that glance over the dinner table rather

than the unwrapping of a condom…

or maybe you just need more ‘date’ time and aren’t ready ‘yet'

You have other concerns. Other needs. Deeper desires.

Your soul craves for so much more than touch.

Mental, intellectual stimulation… flirting, a spiritual connection, emotional…some tender loving care...

a fun social companion to contribute to your own quality of life. Maybe you value my acting skills if I need to pull off being your partner. Events, dinner, travel, sizing you up for a suit in Saville Row, walks in the park…I might have to draw the line at playing golf with you, but you know, for the right guy who knows...

I can be that someone special you can trust.

I am not a therapist… I am a friend.

A special sort of friend.

You can literally tell me ANYTHING.

I am a compassionate and caring person with a listening ear.

And I enjoy it. And its a pleasure for me to now openly offer more of me to you, without you feeling the “pressure” of having to get frisky on command.

I have helped:

- Single guys package themselves for relationships

- Londoners at a loose end on a night out

- Divorced men find their confidence and remember how wonderful women are

- Gentlemen needing a ‘plus one’ for a wedding (not their own..)

- A gay man needing a cover story

- Post surgery men who love female company regardless of their elusive sexual performance

- American men who just want to listen to my charming British accent

- Women who need to understand the male brain

- Men who need to understand the female brain - this product is still in development as its a beautiful mystery ;-)

So if the above spiel is more your cup of tea, then let me know.

Have a cheeky day,

Christine Love